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Colours and TexturesVertical Blinds

Create just the look you want with this luxurious range of vertical blinds. Be spoilt for choice; choose from a superb collection of tonal neutrals, zingy brights or delicate pastels, plus there’s discrete and tasteful textures too.

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Colours and TexturesBlackout Vertical Blinds

With this collection you can enjoy the benefits of blackout, perfect privacy and a wonderful range of colours and textures, from simple neutral tones to colourful shades and natural weaves.

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Faux Suede & SilkBlackout Vertical Blinds

Sumptuous faux silk and tactile suede finishes offer luxurious style with all the benefits of a blackout vertical blind. Just perfect for settings that need a statement at the window that’s exquisitely elegant yet practical too.

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AluminiumVertical Blinds

Undoubtedly the ultimate vertical blind for a modern minimalist look, a must for the style conscious. This signature blind is fabulous and made from the finest aluminium for an exclusive and refined statement.

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Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Sleek and sophisticated, these waterproof vertical blinds are made from 100% PVC making them robust, easy to clean and virtually indestructible. With a smooth finish and no chains, they're the perfect streamlined option for your kitchen or bathroom.

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