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Energy efficiency is all important and thermal blinds are an effective way to keep your home warm. By reflecting heat back into the home, they stop the warmth from escaping through your window. That means you have less need for your radiators, enabling you to turn down the heat and enjoy complete comfort while spending less on your energy bills.

There are plenty of styles to choose from so you have no need to compromise. There are plain rollers, extravagant and exclusive patterns, stylish pleated blinds and classic vertical blinds. Each one is specially coated with an energy saving lining to trap the heat inside your home.

Our Duoshade pleated blinds are the most energy efficient blinds around. Not only do they have an aluminium lining to reflect the heat, they also feature a honeycomb pocket to trap the air making them doubly effective when it comes to insulating your home and cutting your energy bills.

Our Select collection allows you to combine the style and texture of a soft fabric with the practicality of an energy saving roller while our energy saving vertical blinds provide a classic look. What’s more many of our thermal blinds are blackout too making them perfect for the bedroom to create the ideal sleeping environment.

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price label from just £19.95

DuoLightEnergy Saving Blinds

Discover the beauty of our DuoLight energy saving blinds. They'll give you great thermal protection whilst gently shading your home, allowing just a little light to softly filter through. These delicate blinds are a real treat for your window.

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price label from just £21.95

DuoShadeBlackout Energy Saving Blinds

DuoShade blinds combine a simple, sophisticated style with lots of practical benefits for you to enjoy. They're blackout, they trap the heat and they reduce noise to help you create a beautiful sanctuary inside your home.

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price label from just £25.50

SelectStandard, Energy Saving or Blackout

The Select collection brings you a choice of beautifully tasteful and textured soft fabrics as well as a choice of standard, thermal and blackout linings for all your practical needs.

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price label from just £27.85

OptionsExclusive Designer Roller Blinds

The Options collection lets you choose your perfect blind. From striking to simple, radical to risqué you can choose from our exclusive designs as well as your pick of standard, blackout or thermal lining options to suit your needs.

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price label from just £27.85

Sabine ReinhartDesigner Roller Blinds

Sabine Reinhart’s inimitable style shines through in this gorgeous collection of designs. Inspired by nature, they have a wonderfully distinctive look, while a choice of energy saving and blackout linings gives you lots of practical options.

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price label from just £17.45

EssentialsEnergy Saving Vertical Blinds

This Energy Saving collection of vertical blinds is brought to you at the most essential price possible. There’s no scrimping on style or practicality; these blinds will help save energy and they look fantastic too.

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