Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are ideal if you want to block out the light from outside. We have a range of different choices created in a variety of different colours, styles and textures. Whether you want something smart and simple like a white blackout blind or something funkier from our patterned blackout blinds range, we can create the perfect blackout blind for your needs.

Blackout roller blinds are the most popular choice for a bedroom, often with an outside recess fitting to blackout the maximum amount of light. Our collection of faux suede blackout blinds will look great in a bedroom, finishing off the look with real style.

If you want to combine blackout with other practical benefits, our Duoshade range of pleated blinds is the way to go. The aluminium lined pockets reflect heat making it the most energy efficient blind around as well as blocking out the sunlight as well as any other blackout blind.

It's not all about bedrooms though; blackout blinds are a very good choice for bathrooms offering a very high level of privacy. Look for fabric that is mostly polyester, many of our roller blinds are in fact 100% polyester making them a great choice for a bathroom being naturally resistant to water splashes and steam. If your blind is likely to get wet in a bathroom then we would advise looking at our waterproof bathroom blinds.

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BlackoutRoller Blinds

A sound night’s sleep is assured with a tuiss blackout roller blind. This collection has traditional and contemporary colours and is enlivened with discrete textures. Hardworking and pretty too.

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Faux Suede & SilkBlackout Roller Blinds

Luxurious fabrics with a practical blackout backing go hand in hand here to create the most wonderful roller blind. The faux silk and suede fabrics are tactile to touch and lovely to look at, perfect for any stylish setting.

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Blackout DesignsPatterned Roller Blinds

This collection cleverly marries elegant design with no-nonsense blackout. Enjoy beautifully dark and cosy rooms whilst still ticking the style box with these diverse and sophisticated designs.

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Colours and TexturesBlackout Vertical Blinds

With this collection you can enjoy the benefits of blackout, perfect privacy and a wonderful range of colours and textures, from simple neutral tones to colourful shades and natural weaves.

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Faux Suede & SilkBlackout Vertical Blinds

Sumptuous faux silk and tactile suede finishes offer luxurious style with all the benefits of a blackout vertical blind. Just perfect for settings that need a statement at the window that’s exquisitely elegant yet practical too.

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